Tallis Lockos, also known as Tallis Only, performs as a singer, guitarist, and pianist. Currently, Tallis is strumming and singing his unique arrangements of popular music, which features Sarite Christison on violin. Tallis and Sarite are currently performing at music venues in St. Louis, supporting their Demo EP, Songs for Sarite.  

"My goal for this project with Sarite is to perform accessible and efficient music that is familiar to audiences, but presented in a new way," says Tallis. 


Tallis found his voice while singing jazz standards, pop, and world music in cities all over the USA with the band Flipside. He began studying piano when he was six years old, and started singing professionally when he was 16 years old.

Tallis is a graduate of both Webster University-St. Louis and Missouri State University, where he studied piano, voice, and conducting. 

Photographer: Virginia Harold

Musician: Tallis Only